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18th Annual Documentary Series Concludes with ‘The Salt of the Earth' May 1


The Oklahoma City University Film Institute’s documentary series will conclude its 18th year at 2 pm May 1 with Wim WendersThe Salt of the Earth in the Kerr McGee Auditorium of Meinders School of Business.

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an ever-changing humanity. He has witnessed some of the major events of our recent history: international conflicts, starvation and exodus. He is now embarking on the discovery of pristine territories, of wild fauna and flora, and of grandiose landscapes as part of a huge photographic project, which is a tribute to the planet's beauty. Sebastião Salgado's life and work are revealed to us by his son, Juliano, who went with him during his last travels, and by Wim Wenders, himself a photographer.

The documentary series is sponsored by OCU’s Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film and Literature. Harbour Winn, director of the center, explained the theme of this year’s documentary series.

The screening will begin at 2:00PM at the Kerr McGee Auditorium in the Meinders School of Business at NW 27th Street and McKinley Ave. A discussion will follow the presentation for those who wish to stay. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.


-“Wenders, hoping to illuminate not just these images but the man who made them, has found an intriguing way to capture both Salgado and his work simultaneously.” NPR

-“Most of the photographs on view in The Salt of the Earth bear witness to great suffering, and what they exalt is not the photographer's eye but the fearful humanity that binds us all.” Christian Science Monitor

-“The film is suffused with his anguish over the state of our species, and our planet. Yet it ends with a change of heart and a turn of events that make a plausible case for hope.” Wall Street Journal

-“The movie Wenders has made is a tribute that feels both grand and modest in scale: Just as Salgado's photographs do, it extends the notion of friends and family to include every citizen of the world.” Village Voice

-“Whether you're familiar with Salgado's name and work or not, the documentary The Salt of the Earth, a popular prize-winner at Cannes and on the Oscar shortlist, will be a revelation." Los Angeles Times

-“There are just as many breathtaking moments to be found in the film as there are in the work it's about.” Washington Post

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