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19th Annual Documentary Series Continues with ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’ Apr. 9

A Ballerina's Tale poster

The Oklahoma City University Film Institute’s spring documentary series "Why Art Matters" continues at 2 pm Apr. 9 with Nelson George’s film A Ballerina’s Tale.

Few dancers make it to the highest levels of classical ballet. Of that already small number only a fraction of them are black women. Misty Copeland has pulled herself up the ladder at American Ballet Theater from the studio company to soloist. The only rung left to climb is principal dancer. However, her time to shine is cut through by six fractures in her left shin, leaving many wondering if she would ever dance again. A Ballerina's Tale is an intimate look at the artist during this crucial period in her life, from the triumph of her lead performance in Stravinsky's Firebird, the painful road back to dancing and to an unexpected third act where Misty not only returns to the stage but emerges as a pop star in the process.

The series is sponsored by OCU’s Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film and Literature.

The screening begins at 2:00PM at the Kerr McGee Auditorium in the Meinders School of Business at NW 27th Street and McKinley Ave. A discussion will follow the presentation for those who wish to stay. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.


-"[Nelson] George captures the behind-the-scenes grit required of any great artist while also making it clear why this artist is more important than most." Mary McNamara, The LA Times

-"A nuanced, polished presentation of one of the hardest working women in her field - or any field." Clay Cane, BET.com

-"Director Nelson George paints a moving portrait of Copeland that underscores her triumphs over bodily and historical limitations.” Amy Brady, The Village Voice


* April 23, Mark Landsman’s Thunder Soul

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