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34th Annual Film Series Continues with ‘About Elly’ Feb. 21


The Oklahoma City University Film Institute’s series will continue its 34th year at 2 pm Feb. 21 with Asghar Farhadi’s About Elly in the Kerr McGee Auditorium of Meinders School of Business.

Farhadi, director of acclaimed Oscar winner A Separation and The Past, presents another great Iranian film, the country again most requested on evaluation forms. About Elly moves us into a gripping mystery set among a group of old friends on a holiday retreat. These former college pals reunite for a weekend outing by the Caspian Sea. But seemingly trivial lies, which start accumulating from the moment the group arrives at the seashore, suddenly swing round and come back full force when one afternoon one of them suddenly vanishes. The mysterious disappearance sets in motion a series of deceptions and revelations that threaten to shatter everything they hold dear.

The theme of this year’s season is based on Viktor Frankl’s classic book “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Harbour Winn, director of the series, said the theme is intended to help participants come to understand the purpose of suffering.

“The films in this series stress the importance of an individual’s attitude to existence,” Winn said. “Even when life seems restricted by external forces, we can choose the attitude with which we live and make meaning, to find value.”

The screening will begin at 2:00PM at the Kerr McGee Auditorium in the Meinders School of Business at NW 27th Street and McKinley Ave. A discussion will follow the presentation for those who wish to stay. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.


-“There are no false notes anywhere in this cast of performers.” Chicago Tribune

-“It's an incisive portrait of a particular society, but it should resonate everywhere.” San Francisco Chronicle

-“Farhadi has written a first-rate script, enabling intricate plotting to intertwine with well-defined characters, and About Elly shows him at ease with the wide variety of situations his writing explores.” LA Times

-“This superb, suspenseful film opens as a playful comedy of vacationing couples and awkward romance, one that might be set in the French countryside, but by the end has become a moral drama likely to corrode your certainties.” Village Voice

-“This is clearly the work of a master in the making, an artist on the cusp of greatness. Farhadi may be fixated on fibbers, but there's almost no one working today who makes films so emotionally honest.” The Onion

-“A thriller perched right on the fault line between modern thinking and Islamic tradition.” NPR

-“It is perhaps Farhadi's richest, most complex and ambitious.” Boston Globe

-“The dense interweave of relationships, a Farhadi specialty, is continually compelling.” Christian Science Monitor


* March 6, Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan

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