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35th Annual Film Series Continues with 'The Last Metro’ Jan. 22

The OCU Film Institute's 35th Annual Film Series will continue with a screening of Francois Truffaut’s The Last Metro on January 22nd.


In The Last Metro, Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve star as members of a French theater company living under German occupation during World War II in Truffaut's gripping, humanist character study. Against all odds, the wife of the missing Jewish theater manager, a leading man who’s in the Resistance, and the company’s troupe believe the show must go on in spite of increasingly restrictive Nazi oversight. Equal parts romance, historical tragedy and even comedy, The Last Metro is considered by critics to be Truffaut’s ultimate tribute to art overcoming adversity.

The screening will begin at 2:00PM at the Kerr McGee Auditorium in the Meinders School of Business at NW 27th Street and McKinley Ave. A discussion will follow the presentation for those who wish to stay. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.


-“Truffaut balances his hopeful plot on a tightrope of coincidences and narrow escapes that horrifically suggest the abyss that engulfed so many men and women of the artistic and political underground.” New Yorker

-“Political and romantic intrigues run parallel and then intersect in Truffaut's critically acclaimed and commercially popular Oscar-nominated WWII saga.” NY Times

-“The most crowd-pleasing film of Truffaut’s later career.” New York Film Critics Circle

-“In Truffaut’s work, technique matters less than feeling. His feeling is spontaneous, sincere, genuine, naïve, generous. It bubbles up like the spring of life itself. A spectator sitting down to this picture feeling old and dry will rise up feeling young and green.” Time


* Feb. 5, Lasse Hallstrom’s My Life as a Dog

* Feb. 19, Asghar Farhadi’s Fireworks Wednesday

* March 5, Ciro Guerra’s Embrace of the Serpent

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