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36th Annual Film Series Comes Back Jan. 21 with 'Early Summer'

Viewing Notes for Bakushû

The 36th Annual Film Series continues Sunday, January 21, 2pm with Early Summer, directed by Yasujiro Ozu, Japan (1951) 125 min.

This quieter sibling of the later films of beloved Japanese director Ozu reunites his favorite actors from Late Spring and Tokyo Story in another nuanced exploration of the dynamics within a multi-generational household. The patient pacing of the narrative lulls viewers into the daily rhythms of the Mayima family’s life, lingering on the pleasures of the quotidian in its comical episodes as well as in the moments of “distilled drama.” Following each family member in turn, the film zeroes in on daughter Noriko, who is trying to reconcile her desire to live as an unencumbered, single career woman with her family’s wish for her to marry. The decision she makes tears at both professional and familial relationships. Against the backdrop of an occupied Japan attempting to negotiate eastern and western cultural practices, Noriko and her family work to accept the realities of a family’s natural evolution.

The Film Institute is supported by the Thatcher Hoffman Smith Endowment and OKCU’s Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film and Literature.

A discussion will follow the presentation for those who wish to stay.

Praise for Early Summer

“With a larger canvas than the intensive focus of Late Spring and a looser structure than the exacting symmetry of Tokyo Story, Early Summer feels freer, wider, more open even as it evinces the full-fledged mastery of the mature Ozu.” Andrew Tracy, Reverse Shot/Museum of the Moving Image

“[Ozu’s] camera investigates the structure of living and working spaces, the geography of small suburban towns, the architecture of homes and sake bars and offices, and the emotional spaces that divide and unite the films’ characters.” Leo Goldsmith, Not Coming to a Theater Near You

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