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Prepare for the Fair!

Career Week is just around the corner! Just think, employers are coming to campus to meet you- don't be a no show to your own party.


Are you prepared to network, and learn about all the opportunities waiting for you? Here are some pointers for attending Career Week Activities:

  • Come dressed to impress—would you wear sweats to formal dance? There is nothing worse than showing up under-dressed for an event, if you have questions or concerns about what to wear, check out our Professional Attire page.
  • Bring your resume—showing up to a Career Fair without a resume is like showing up to the event without a ticket to get in. Need help with your resume? Check out our Resume Information and templates
  • Come with some questions in mind—take a minute to scan the employer list and google them! Recruiters are here to get to know you in a relaxed setting, take advantage. Not sure what to say? Learn about Elevator Speeches here.

Thinking to yourself, “I’m only a freshman,” or “I’m only a sophomore,” “I’m not ready for thisCareer Week won’t serve my needs at all.”

WRONG!! Employers and recruiters LOVE to see young underclassmen at Fairs and Events. It shows that you have initiative and that you’re taking a pro-active interest in your future. Attend the fairs, ask questions, take ownership! Need help preparing? Email [email protected], someone will gladly assist you!

Click here for the Career Week schedule of events and let us know how we can help you be the life of the Career Party!


Amelia Hurt, Director, Career Services

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