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Congratulations to the New Mayor of OKC, David Holt

Congratulations to Oklahoma City University’s own David Holt on being elected Mayor of OKC! Holt graduated from Oklahoma City University's School of Law and continues to be a champion for the university. Upon winning, he posted a picture of the cufflinks he wore on election day; they previously belonged to former Mayor Jim Norick and were given to him by OKCU President Robert Henry.

“When I acquired Mayor Jim Norick’s cufflinks, I knew what I wanted to do with them,” Henry said. “Jim Norick, and his son Ron Norick, were two of our greatest Mayors. I wanted to present those cuff links to David Holt who will be a Mayor in the Norick mold. He will bring people together, as they did, in bi-partisan ways. He will have his eye on OKC’s future by learning from its past. I know him well and he’s going to be a great Mayor!”

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