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Connor Burton: More than a dreamer

by Megan Hornbeek Allen

Connor Burton is not your average college student. He entered Oklahoma City University in 2020, having already achieved success with the launch of a successful nonprofit business. A Meinders School of Business Leadership Fellow, Burton’s entrepreneurial path did not have a traditional beginning. Encouraged by his mentor and basketball coach to start a business, it wasn’t until a vivid dream that he gained a clear sense of purpose and inspiration. This dream led to the birth of Love4All, a nonprofit organization that aims to create a culture of loving all people.

Love4All’s mission is to make giving easy and to eliminate the gap between wanting to help and actually helping. Through the purchase of Love4All products, individuals contribute to initiatives that include community outreach, disaster response, food shortage and saving children from trafficking.

Burton is committed to partnering with organizations, like Convoy of Hope and Rapha International, that end the sexual exploitation of children. These nonprofits share the values of love, giving hope to those who need it most while preserving and protecting those same individuals. Through these business relationships, Love4All strives to create a culture of love and compassion that will leave a lasting impact on communities around the world. Through the purchase of Love4All products, individuals contribute to other nonprofits that share Love4All’s passion for changing lives through acts of kindness and generosity.

For Burton, Love4All is a gateway to “help you help others.” He believes that if there was more emphasis on love, most problems would be solved. His organization aims to contribute to the development of a culture of loving all people, and he invites others to help him send this message to the world.

Burton’s passion for serving others is evident in everything he does. He is a quintessential OCU student: a creative thinker, a thoughtful leader and service-minded. Love4All is not just a nonprofit organization; it’s an opportunity to publicly show support for one's community while also knowing that the proceeds of the purchase are returning to the community.

Through Love4All, Burton demonstrates the qualities of a servant-leader, focusing on the needs of his customers and his community. Love4All was created with the goal of making a positive impact on the world, and it's clear Burton is achieving that goal.

Burton enjoys learning more about business and is making lifelong connections at the Meinders School of Business. He is excited for opportunities to connect to the business world on and off campus. He credits OCU for helping him identify and address some of his biggest threats and challenges with his first start-up, and he believes that his Meinders Fellowship allows him to attend a top-tier university and grow both as a student and an individual. Burton is more than a dreamer; he’s a doer, actively putting love into action. His entrepreneurial spirit and Love4All is an inspiration, and his passion for serving others is evident. He invites others to join him in creating a culture of loving all people at love4allpeople.com.

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