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Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos – and no, not the bar in Bricktown. Sandra Coursey, a senior piano performance major and Charlotte Dumesnil, an alumna with a master’s in both composition and piano performance, join forces to entertain.

"Working with the Three Disney Waltzes has been an adventure. Although the piece is still challenging, rehearsing and practicing it feels more like fun rather than work. Since it does incorporate music from Disney films, Sandy and I were able to explore more of the theatrical side of piano music than what we may usually get to do," said Dumesnil.

"Being able to perform with someone else takes some of the nerves away from performing, and it also gives me someone to share my musical ideas with in real time," said Coursey.

"Playing with someone else requires a completely different way of communication, and I think that Charlotte and I have grown to understand what each other will do when we play together and we can easily react to what the other one is doing," she said.

Three Waltzes for Two PianosA Medley of Waltzes Made Famous in Disney Films, arranged by Greg Anderson, is nostalgic in all the right ways.

"Playing songs that the audience know is always a blast," said Coursey. "Of course, there's a certain pressure to get it right because everyone knows it, but I think that knowing the tune makes it that much more enjoyable not only to listen to, but also to play!"

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