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Faith, Trust and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust

What does it take to work for Disney? The answer is simple. To quote Peter Pan, “all it takes is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.” I know what you’re thinking. This is a cliché. But I’m here to tell you, it is not.

What makes a dream a reality? What makes it attainable? Having faith that it will happen. Reach for those dreams! If you want a casting director to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself. It takes time to build those relationships. It takes time for you to grow into the performer you will be. You have to pay your dues. You have to keep training. Very rarely will someone book the job on their first try. To quote the Fairy Godmother, “even miracles take a little time.” Have faith and keep trying.

If you’re reading this, you are probably an OCU student or graduate working in the industry or honing your craft. Trust your craft. You are talented. You’ve been accepted to or made it through OCU, that is an accomplishment in of itself. You will be judged on your voice, on your look, on what you’re wearing, etc. That is the career we all chose. But you can’t let those judgements deter you. Have confidence in your performance and trust your talents.

Slue Foot Sue
Slue Foot Sue Performing at the Diamond Horseshoe at Tokyo Disneyland

The third and final piece of this puzzle is pixie dust. Disney is the most magical place on Earth. We have the privilege and responsibility of bringing magic to life and creating memories that will last a lifetime. When you enter the Disney audition room, you’ve got to bring the pixie dust. And if you’re having a bad day, you must trust that acting training you got at OCU.

At Disney, we are storytellers. Tell us a story. We are masters of make believe, so make us believe. I am entering my fifth year with Disney. In my experience and observation, the performers who make it all have the pixie dust factor. They have a sparkle in their eyes. Their performances are honest and captivating. They bring the magic to life and smiles to everyone’s faces. That is what Disney is all about.

I adore my job. I love singing and dancing with Mickey Mouse. But what I love even more are the smiles I see on the faces of our guests. Booking the job isn’t the grand prize. The prize is the heartwarming sensation you experience when magic is made. I get to experience that everyday and you can too. All it takes is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.

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