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Flipgrid Resources

Flipgrid allows you to create "grids" to facilitate asynchronous video discussion with your classes. On your grid you can pose questions or "topics" and your class will create video responses to the topic as well as respond by video to their peers. Compatible with your laptop and video camera or your smart phone, Flipgrid is a creative way to have engaging discussion with your classes. See below for some resources compiled for you.

Flipgrid has provided many resources on their own! Access Flipgrid HERE.

Remote Learning with Flipgrid

Flipgrid Resources

Looking for something more familiar?

How do we use Flipgrid?

  • Use it for asynchronous, personable class discussions
  • Have your students record their performance requirements (up to 10 minutes) asynchronously
  • Examine learned techniques outside of the classroom to allow for more group participation in class
  • As a form of student creativity and expression
  • And more!

Want more information? Email [email protected] and CETL will be happy to help you!

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