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From OCU to Scotland to The Globe Theatre in London, Lizzie Forman is Living Her Dreams

MAACT Class of '18 at The Globe
MAACT Class of '18 at The Globe

Lizzie Forman graduated from OCU in 2016 with a BFA in Acting. She is now attending the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has performed recently at The Globe Theatre in London. We recently did a Q & A with Lizzie about her experiences.

Q: What made you decide to go to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland?

A: My journey to RCS was very unexpected. I graduated from OCU in 2016 without a very clear vision or dream for what I wanted next...except that I wanted to be in Europe. I had studied abroad in England during my undergrad and was desperate to get back to that part of world. I had a few professors recommend graduate school as being the best way to live abroad and make connections. I was blessed with the opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 with Lance Marsh and his show, “Bad Shakespeare.” I spent some time traveling Europe prior to the festival and auditioning for various acting MA programs (just in case...although I was still doubtful that was in my future!)

RCS was holding an audition at the festival, and I just happened to stumble upon it. I knew very little about the school or program and I was probably quite unprepared in that sense! My ignorance was bliss, I suppose. I just went in and had fun...which ultimately probably saved me from my lack of preparation otherwise. I was initially on the waiting list and had made plans to attend elsewhere in the UK, but RCS had become my top choice, so I was ecstatic when I discovered my acceptance.

Q: How was performing in “Twelfth Night” at The Globe Theatre in London?

A: The best experience of my artistic life. Truly! It was a dream. My one qualm is that it went by too quickly!

Our performance was not a full-scale production. It was an abbreviated version of the text, meant to serve as a presentation and culmination of our time training at Shakespeare’s Globe. But nonetheless, it was an extraordinary experience. I had always thought of The Globe as the be-all end-all of stages. That it would be this crazy intimidating space only suited for the likes of Laurence Olivier and Marc Rylance. It does have an enormous “presence” and it demands confidence, expansion, and vulnerability. But it’s also just a big wooden hug. I had to learn to allow the history and prestige of the space to inspire me—not intimidate me.

Q: When was the last time you were home?

A: September

Q: What do you miss most?

A: Hmmm... family and friends of course! .... but also my old Jeep and the Rocky Mountains.

Q: How did your time at OCU prepare you for the future?

A: I feel that OCU really prepared me for the business side of acting. Auditions, agents, headshots, work ethic, etc. OCU ingrains that in all of its performing departments. Additionally, there are so many opportunities to get stage experience at OCU. It’s kind of unparalleled. I am so grateful for all the chances I had to perform—those experiences were invaluable teachers. Also, the faculty. They all had such a diverse range of experience and insight. I learned a variety of methodologies and approaches to acting. They were trusted mentors and often, friends. I’ll never forget them.

I feel that OCU really prepared me for the business side of acting. Auditions, agents, headshots, work ethic, etc. OCU ingrains that in all of its performing departments.

From my observations and experience, US acting training tends to prioritize the business side of things and seems more product-oriented than the UK. Diverse, triple-threat training is highly valued and there are very specific standards for industry headshots, websites, etc. The UK seems to focus more on artistic process and autonomy. It’s more concerned with honing an individual’s unique personality and also practice-based research. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and train in both environments. As the Glaswegians say, it’s been “pure dead brilliant!”

Lizzie Forman
Lizzie Forman Looking Onto the Stage at The Globe Theatre, London

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