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What can an Internship do for you? Take a cue from Miriam Ortega and dive into YOUR internship adventure!



Decisions, decisions, and more decisions—that’s how my summer began. When I heard the great news that I had been offered the position as the summer Greater Grads Intern, my smile widened with excitement! Not only was I going to have the opportunity to contribute and work along a great team, but I was going to be exposed to hands-on experience by interning at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

My first day consisted of getting a tour of the building and getting introduced to all of the friendly staff from the different departments. I also had a few training sessions that would help me navigate through the systems and a delicious welcome lunch at Hideaway Pizza. For the summer, I was going to be helping with the preparations for InternOKC. The five week summer program allows OKC interns to meet and connect with other interns and gain valuable tools to ease the transition from college to the professional world.

One of my favorite responsibilities was overseeing the intern registrations and communicating with some of the interns and employers who would be participating in the event. It was truly exciting to see our registration numbers increase day by day until we reached our final numbers. We had over 400 interns participate from all over the country! I got to meet someone from Alaska, and come on, you don’t really get to meet many people from Alaska here!


Some of my other duties included monitoring and formatting the database that would be used to create infographics to depict the success of InternOKC. As a marketing student, I really enjoyed analyzing the data and having statistical data to answer questions such as how many students had attended previously, how many states were represented, and how many universities were represented.

By participating InternOKC, I was able to see all that Oklahoma City has to offer! There are so many hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered here. I received great advice from community leaders and professionals in the business world. I was even able to learn some great dining etiquette tips so I can be prepared for my next dining experience. My summer definitely met my expectations, and through all the excitations, I have to say that my summer was an #InternAdventure!

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