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“Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma” returns for Fall 2016 with "Civil Rights and Equality: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series


Civil Rights and Equality: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series<\/h2>\r\n

“Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma” Series at Oklahoma City University, Fall 2016\r\n<\/h4>\r\n

Often when the term “civil rights” comes into conversations in the U.S., a specific, momentous movement comes to mind. Our collective imagination calls forth the black-and-white photojournalistic images of brave marchers under attack and the resonating voices of the leaders who led court cases and civil actions throughout the 1950s and‘60s. But the fundamental notion of civil rights has been built into the value systems of our culture from the beginning. The five Pulitzer Prize-nominated or-winning books in this series all work toward that same goal: trying to better help us understand our American context and our own unrealized ideals by immersing us in specific historic or contemporary moments, with fully realized individuals experiencing inequality. These five great reads include three different genres—fiction, nonfiction, and poetry—in an attempt to help us experience these lives in different “registers.” Do you want to rediscover the joys of experiencing our humanity and national identities? If these issues interest you, opportunity awaits. If you want to be active in this exploration, please join us for this \"Let's Talk About It

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