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OCU's international enrollment soars

Oklahoma City University is experiencing a boom in international enrollment this fall, with 173 international students starting classes this past August. That number pushed OCU’s international enrollment total up to 257 – a big jump from the 169 students enrolled at the same time the previous year.

What’s behind the surge in foreign students making their way to Oklahoma City?

The continued success of OCU’s Master of Science in Computer Science program is a major factor. Another significant contributor is a set of new degree tracks introduced in the past year in the Meinders School of Business.

In 2023, Meinders rolled out four new STEM-designated graduate degree programs: Master of Science in Financial Analytics; Master of Science in Data Analytics; Master of Business Administration in Financial Analytics; and Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics.

The latter program has made immediate inroads in India, which this fall is the leading hotspot point of origin for international students choosing OCU.

To help understand what’s behind this latest trend, we asked some data analytics students from OCU’s Meinders School of Business to share their experiences with the program and the business school.

Triveni Kakumanu

“The classroom is a very comfortable environment. I feel respected, and that I can be open about my thoughts with the people in class. Everyone in the class, but notably me, is able to understand the material and complete the exams and assignments with ease thanks to the instructor’s excellent teaching methods.”

Basava Manasa Koyi

“The data analytics program is a comprehensive and rigorous program that equips students with the data and skills necessary to excel in data analysis. The curriculum is well structured, and the courses are taught by experienced lecturers who are not only experts in their field but also dedicated mentors.”

Harsha Pramod Mallepula

“My experience at the Meinders School of Business has been incredibly rewarding. The classes here are not only engaging but also very well-structured, allowing us to focus on the subject matter with ease. I particularly appreciate the emphasis on practical experiences, which include in-class quizzes that help reinforce our learning and keep us actively involved. Moreover, Dean Sri Beldona has been exceptionally supportive throughout my time here. His dedication to helping students connect with people and opportunities is truly remarkable. It's evident that the school is committed to providing a well-rounded and supportive learning environment, and I'm grateful for the valuable experiences I've gained at Meinders."

Mohammad​​​​​ Ashraf

“The data analytics program has a rigorous and practical curriculum, experienced faculty, and ample opportunities for professional growth, making it an excellent choice for those interested in pursuing a career in data analytics. The courses emphasize experiential learning opportunities, industry projects, and allow students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. The school's strong connections with local and national businesses provide valuable networking opportunities and potential career prospects.”

Bushra ​​​​​Ansari

“My overall experience with the Meinders School of Business has been excellent with very cooperative and understanding professors. The data analytics program is a perfect match of technical and theoretical knowledge.”

Learn more about programs at the Meinders School of Business: okcu.edu/business.

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