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Nurturing Dreams, Igniting Futures


John and Ginger Veal’s OCU journey began when John began contemplating his post-U.S. Army retirement plans. The satellite MBA program at Fort Sill emerged as the perfect fit, aligning seamlessly with his aspirations. He went on to earn two OCU degrees, an MBA in 1996 and a Master of Science in accounting in 2018. 

What initially began as a pursuit of personal education soon blossomed into a deep-rooted connection to OCU’s inclusive and supportive environment. A pivotal moment occurred when they received a call from an OCU student, prompting them to become active annual donors. 

John and Ginger Veal found themselves participating in various campus activities and taking an active role in supporting the university’s students, eventually leading to the couple to join Bright Society. The Veals believe education can transform lives, and they’re motivated to uplift students. 

“We believe in promoting opportunities for students to continue their education,” John Veal said. “By donating to OCU, we are a part of the process of helping the dreams of our students become reality.” 

John Veal’s background, including his current roles as an adjunct professor and OCU Board of Trustee member, posi­tions him as a mentor and guide, providing him a platform to share his professional insights and experiences with the next generation. John Veal most recently served as the District Director for the Oklahoma District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration until he retired this year. 

Beyond OCU, his dedication extends to volunteering with the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, the Oklahoma Association of Public Procurement and Opus Peace. Ginger Veal serves as the volunteer manager for Elara Caring Hospice, an endeavor deeply rooted in compassion and care. 

John and Ginger Veal see OCU thriving and continuing to provide a top-tier education to students from all walks of life. Their favorite OCU memory centers on Homecoming 2021. John Veal was interacting with students when they invited him to sit with them during the basketball game—an experi­ence that encapsulates the warmth and camaraderie found in the OCU community. 

At OCU, John and Ginger Veal’s actions mirror their beliefs. Together they work to nurture dreams, ignite futures and foster a community where students flourish and transform the world.

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