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OCU Launches eSports Team, Degree Program



OCU Launches eSports Team, Degree Program \r\n<\/h1>","

—By Rod Jones<\/em>\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Oklahoma City University will add a degree program in esports management this fall. The bachelor’s degree program will incorporate exercise sports science, broadcasting, advertising, event management, budgeting, and content development to prepare students for careers in esports management and promotions.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

“This is a cutting-edge program that will give students a competitive edge as they seek careers in the dynamic field of esports,” said Amy Cataldi, dean of the Petree College of Arts and Sciences.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Courses will include health behavior, theory of coaching, TV studio and field production, advertising, esports team management, and others.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

We are looking at the next revolution of digital entertainment.<\/blockquote>\r\n

Beth Adele, mass communications program director, said OCU will equip students with the skills and understanding to tell stories, manage teams, and communicate globally in the multifaceted esports industry. The Exercise and Sport Science Department will contribute course work for the development of professional competencies in sports and team management, and providing guidance for maintaining and improving students’ personal health and wellness.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Career possibilities for graduates include coaching, marketing, producing, commentating, editing, and streaming, among others.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Oklahoma City University hosted its first ever esports tournament at the OCU Devon Boathouse during the Oklahoma Regatta Festival in October. The OCU eSports River Rumble, presented by Chad and Jessica Ford, featured a high school invitational Rocket League tournament and a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate community tournament. It was open to the public and featured an open play area and retro arcade games. Esports pros from Dallas Fuel were also on hand to greet spectators. Photos by Josh Robinson<\/figcaption><\/figure>\r\n


OCU introduced the degree program just a few months after launching its first esports club team, which has partnered with many regional university programs and local high school programs.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

OCU eSports was admitted into the National Association of Collegiate Esports last summer. The esports team has also partnered with many regional university programs and high school programs in Oklahoma. The team will be offering scholarships for recruited esports athletes.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Photo of Paul Vaughan courtesy of Boise State University<\/figcaption><\/figure>\r\n

Paul Vaughan was hired in January to become the new head coordinator of the esports team. Vaughan is helping to develop team and leadership skills for the players, manage and cast live streams of the games, and will help analyze game footage for team improvement.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Vaughan came from one of the top collegiate esports programs in the country, Boise State Esports. He was club president for a short period of time before helping start the varsity League of Legends team, then later the Boise State varsity Overwatch team. As part of the Boise State Esports team, he competed nationally against schools like Utah, UC Irvine, Arizona State, Miami and others including current and past collegiate League of Legends national champions Maryville University and Robert Morris University.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Private donations have been collected for a new OCU eSports Club facility, and the university has developed plans for a dedicated esports arena. The club facility will house more than 20 gaming systems, state-of-the-art web streaming and audio-visual production equipment, and retro gaming systems.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

Jeff Price, eSports director, said students and the business world share a symbiotic relationship by participating in esports activities.\r\n<\/p>\r\n

“Businesses that connect with these demographics position themselves as forward thinking, progressive, and dynamic. Simultaneous industries are stimulated with esports publishers and content producers, players and team training, esports management, tournament and league organizers, brand developers, social media managers, and advertisers. We are looking at the next revolution of digital entertainment for this generation.” <\/span>\r\n<\/p>\r\n

For more information about esports at OCU, visit okcu.edu\/esports<\/a>. Esports Management applications are currently being accepted for fall 2020. To find out more, contact Adele at [email protected]<\/a>.<\/p>"]

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