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Service Leadership Drives Career for Alumna Whitney Moseley

A deep desire to serve others has been the driving force behind Whitney Moseley’s nursing career. Moseley, BSN ’12, serves as a nursing officer with the United States Public Health Service at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. As part of her role, she also is on call to deploy as a nurse to provide disaster relief.

"Every day is a unique and rewarding experience,” Moseley said.

Nursing, for me, is not only the most rewarding career, but I love getting to serve among the best of the best at the clinic, some of whom include OKCU nursing grads.

Moseley utilized her local Indian Health Center while growing up. She also witnessed firsthand the way her family members served vulnerable populations through their work at a rural nursing home. Both of these experiences continue to influence her today.

“Getting to serve under the direction of the Surgeon General among my cohorts and mentors allows me to continue growing not only as an officer, but as a nurse,” she noted.

It is a pleasure to serve the population within Indian Country on a daily basis.

Whitney Moseley serves as a nursing office with the United State Public Health Service
Whitney Moseley serves as a nursing office with the United State Public Health Service

In addition to her nursing degree, Moseley holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international business. She initially planned to join the Peace Corps to work on medical missions and serve the underserved, but then discovered she could spend more time close to home and family as a nurse officer with the USPHS.

My daily work is very meaningful, but the opportunity to deploy to disaster ridden areas is meaningful as well, mainly because of the challenges involved in aiding the local population and providing care to those in dire need.

She also values the sense of community within the Oklahoma City University family.

Even today, OCU feels like home.

“Along with the comfort and motivation of my professors, some of whom I still have strong ties with, I always felt welcomed and valued. That undoubtedly aided in the success of me and my classmates.”

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