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Social Media: Friend or Foe in Your Job Search


Did you know that potential employers check your social media platforms? There are even times when they check your social media sites before even reading your resume! I know, you’re not even thinking about that, I mean you’re still in college right? Wrong! This is the best time to start cleaning up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever social media site you may be a part of BEFORE you start searching for your dream job. I have 3 tips that will help you get started in making your social media image positive and appealing for your future.

Remove all inappropriate photos

Everyone loves to take pictures of EVERYTHING they do, especially selfies, but to a future employer a picture is worth 1000 words. That picture of you and your friends on spring break with a beer bottle in your hand on the beach may come across as irresponsible. It may show that you party all the time and don’t take anything seriously. Also all those selfies you take, check the background of those photos. Is there a messy bed behind you? Did your friend photo bomb you and make inappropriate gestures? Things like this, as small as they may seem, may be the one thing that gets you looked over for the position you were hoping for.

Check your status updates and comments

Remember that time your boss made you upset and you updated your status with, “I hate this job and can’t stand working with my stupid boss!” DELETE! This statement, although it may be true, can show that you are difficult to work with and are quick to post things to social media. Everyone has bad days at work but posting them on social media is not smart. Also political and religious statements are a no no. It is perfectly fine to have your views about politics and religion but you never know what the views of your future employer may be. It is safer to avoid these areas. And lastly check your comments! So you have that one friend or family member who always says inappropriate things? As the saying goes, you are the company you keep. If your future employers were to look at the comments under your status updates what would they see? Be sure to scan your comments with a fine tooth comb even if you made that status a month or a year ago it can always be viewed.

Review your friends list

Social media was created so that you could keep up with your friends and families. Share pictures, life lessons, quotes, and even funny stories. But how often do you review those friends on your list. When an employer is looking for potential candidates they may ask a current employee if they know you. This is when that mutual friends list comes in handy for employers. If you have a mutual friend in common with someone it would be easy for that employer or recruiter to ask about your character or to find out what type of person you are or if you are a good worker. Even if your page is private, if you have a mutual friend then they would be able to go onto your page and see EVERYTHING. This is why it is important to review your friends list and to remove people who you may not be friends with anymore.

These are just a few tips to help you get started on your social media review journey. Remember just because your page is private does not really mean you have privacy. Be sure that the person that you are in real life is also the person you represent on social media. This may be the difference between getting a job and staying unemployed! Good day friends!


Kanika Brown, Coordinator, Career Services

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