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Student Spotlight: Katie Crim

Katie Crim at the virtual Galway Flute Festival, 2020

Katie Crim is a student, flutist, and aspiring conductor from Hallsville, Texas. She is currently a sophomore at Oklahoma City University, where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Flute Performance, with additional studies in piano and vocal coaching. She is passionate about the arts and hopes to someday work as a professional opera conductor and vocal coach. Katie loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to visit and perform in some of the world’s great cities.

Katie is a proud member of the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Wind Philharmonic, Opera Pit Orchestra, Project 21, and Flute Choir. She is a passionate performer, competing in the OCU Concerto Competition where she was given an Honorable Mention and the opportunity to perform at the OCU Honors Recital in September of 2020. She also placed third in the Ladies Music Club Woodwind Division, 2020.

Katie Crim working with Mimi Stillman at her OCU Masterclass, March 2020

Katie Crim’s pandemic passion creation — “KC Curious” — is a blog and podcast that centers around open conversations about life, art, and student development. What first started as a project to learn new software and become more tech-savvy with new interfaces, turned into a creative project where she sits down to have conversations with inspiring people. Katie hopes to provide a space where fellow musicians can learn the guest artist’s secrets to success. Her blog, which accompanies her podcast, serves as a vessel to pass on things she has learned, as well as to bring attention to the less talked issues that a student faces in a new environment. She believes that a lot of difficult moments in life can often be demystified with a moment of vulnerability and clarity. Katie hopes that her listeners are inspired to think analytically about her guests’ stories, offering different perspectives into the life of a college student. Explore her blog and podcast here: kccurious.squarespace.com You can also find Katie on Instagram and Facebook @katie.crim.

Katie’s life motto is “Finis Coronat Opus”: The end crowns the work. It is hard to overcome good preparation, and in most cases, the habituation of good work and good deeds will be enough. Living a full life in the arts would be her dream come true!

katie crim
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