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Then & Now

OCU began on its current campus with one building on a flat piece of land in what amounted to the suburbs early last century, and it has never stopped growing. New facilities have emerged and technology and fashions have changed, but some things never change: the need to take notes during class and choose new courses every semester, the unique opportunity to make friends on campus, and some of the people—coaches, professors, staff—themselves. Take a gander down memory lane, and get to know one family that has attended OCU for three generations.

Then and Now teachers
Brian Harvey at age 16, having just signed as a youth player for Sheffield, England, and more recently while coaching. Until his retirement after last season, Harvey was the only head coach OCU soccer had ever had since the men’s program began in 1986 and women’s started in 1994. “Then” photo provided by Harvey family; “now” photo by Josh Robinson. Jo Rowan teaches dance students in 2020 and the 1980s. “Then” photo courtesy of University Archives; “now” photo by Josh Robinson.
Then and Now objects
Bachelor of Arts diplomas from 1929 and 2019 with modern Greg Burns art print. Course catalogs from 1923 and spring 2020. Today, catalogs are accessed online. Professors once kept grades by hand, as in history professor Dr. Lloyd Musselman’s 1969–70 notebook, but now keep track with the online D2L system, which also gives students access to class materials. “Then” photos courtesy of University Archives; “now” photos by Josh Robinson and courtesy of University Communications and the OCU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
Then and Now students
Fashions change, but walking to class remains the same. “Then” photo courtesy of University Archives; “now” photo by Shane Bevel.
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