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Online MBA Ranking Climbs <\/h2>\r\n

The Meinders School of Business was ranked sixth highest in the country in the College Consensus’ Best Online MBA Programs for Non-Business Majors. OCU’s ranking was one place higher than last year. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

College Consensus combines ratings from publishers and students to come up with an average score. Publisher ratings come from annual national ranking outlets including U.S. News & World Report<\/em> and The Wall Street Journal\/Times Higher Education<\/em> College Rankings. The student reviews come from reputable college search services like Cappex and MyPlan. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

College Consensus researched nearly 580 online MBA programs around the country. Schools were ranked based on affordability, reputation, and convenience. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

Energy Programs Gain Momentum \r\n<\/h2>\r\n

U.S. News & World Report<\/em> ranked OCU 41st in the country for Best Online Business Programs (non-MBA), specifically recognizing the online master’s programs in Energy Management and Energy Legal Studies. The Meinders School of Business has been on the list for six consecutive years. U.S. News<\/em> ranked the schools on five general categories: student engagement, a measure of how well students can interact with their instructors and fellow classmates; student excellence; expert opinion, a survey of high-ranking academic officials in business; faculty credentials and training; and student services technology. <\/p>\r\n

Branching Out \r\n<\/h2>\r\n


OCU earned recognition as a 2019 Tree Campus USA

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