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Using Panopto & Zoom Together

Using Both Zoom and Panopto - At the Same Time

It is possible to record your lesson to the Panopto cloud and meet with your students in Zoom at the same time. There is a short video how to on the CETL YouTube Channel (for those of you who need a step by step list, scroll below the video):

Steps for Using Panopto and Zoom

  1. Log into Panopto (watch this video for getting started with Panopto):

2. Click the "Create" button

3. Choose to "Record a New Session" and allow the Panopto App to launch

4. Give your session a title

5. Make sure that "PowerPoint" is checked under the "Slides" option (under your webcam image)

6. Start recording in Panopto

7. Open your PowerPoint Slides

8. Open Zoom and start your meeting (watch this video for getting started with Zoom):

9. Click the green "Share" button on the bottom of the Zoom meeting screen

10. Choose the "PowerPoint" tile and click the blue "Share" button

11. On your PowerPoint, click the "Presentation" button

12. Teach your lesson, remember to stop sharing every few minutes to check in with your students

13. When your lesson is complete click "Stop Sharing Screen"

14. Minimize your PowerPoint

15. Finish your Zoom discussion

16. In Zoom click the "Leave Meeting" button

17. In Panopto click the "Stop Recording" button

18. Navigate back to your Panopto folder in the web browser

19. Hover your mouse over the video you want to send to your students and click "Share"

20. Copy the URL link listed in the Panopto share screen

21. Send that link to your students

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