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Virtual Music Making

Although we continue to face many challenges as a result of the world’s current pandemic, the OCU flute studio is trying to focus on the light of the situation and what has become as a result of our increasingly virtual world.

We are making music together! It may not look like what it has in the past, but being together in any capacity is something to be grateful for.

Not everyone is given the same opportunity to experience the arts as others; as a student at this university, I am extremely grateful that we are given the resources to continue learning in person. As I have reflected on my 2020 experience, I remember all of the heartaches that last year brought us and that we are still faced with. Knowing that the heartaches are not quite over, it can be difficult to put on that happy face and embrace the world with optimism. Although it can be difficult, something that has helped me, personally, stay positive during these unprecedented times is reminding myself that…

“If you can’t change your situation change your perspective.” - unknown

In March of last year, we started this process, saddened by all of the things that we lost. Losing time with family, ceremonies for our 2020 graduates, and the loss of the arts; although, that’s at least what it felt like. Artist “lost” the ability to perform in the same way. Theater productions, orchestra concerts, dance, and art shows were canceled across all parts of the world. People may have lost the ability to go to productions and concerts but artists never stopped producing their art. From pop culture to classical music, artists seemed to have focused their efforts using statewide shutdowns and school closings to create.

At OCU we were given opportunities to continue to play music together in a different, safer way. The most important opportunity being together. As collaboration is half of the draw to the arts, in the fall 2020 semester the flute studio chose not to back away from the challenges we faced. Rather, we embraced these changes, opping for a virtual guest speaker and performing with smaller ensembles. Students were introduced to recording sessions, as the flute studio and other groups, put on their first-ever, virtual recitals.

This semester we strive forward, as the flute studio continues to create exciting virtual performances for our listeners. Individually, several of our students are planning recitals. Allison Demand will present an Eric Ewasen recital, alongside other members of the studio, featuring several different pieces by this composer. Mark Alvarez is planning for a chamber music recital and our studio as a whole will be working towards recitals featuring Latin American music and music by contemporary women composers. While some of these recitals are still in the works the flute studio is eager to provide our listeners with lots of different listening opportunities.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to continue to play music together and although the pandemic isn’t over, we are hopeful for the future, cherishing the time we have now and living our lives musically.

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