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Why Choose OCU's Flute Studio?


Take a look at what it's like inside of the Oklahoma City University Flute Studio! \r\n<\/h2>\r\n

Welcome to the Oklahoma City University Flute Studio Blog! Our close-knit group of talented students is dedicated to artistry at the highest level while supporting individualism and expressionism. We cultivate an accepting environment, by providing a safe space for our peers to learn and grow. Studio members have the opportunity to participate in several different ensembles; flute choir, small ensembles, chamber music, Wind Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra, Early Music Ensemble, and many more. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

While the world’s current pandemic is still at the front of our attention the Wanda L. Bass School of Music has been tremendous, by giving us and our fellow musicians an opportunity to perform together. The Flute Studio is made up of students from all walks of life. A mix of graduate and undergraduate; majors and non-majors creates a diverse range of positive feedback and support. As members of the flute studio, we strive for a community where all of our members are welcomed and supported, especially in times of hardships. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

Let’s now, hear from some of our amazing members about why they choose the Oklahoma City University Flute Studio. \r\n<\/p>\r\n

“I grew to love the small, tight-knit community. I could tell from my first campus tour that this would be the university that would allow me to grow and leave my mark.” -
—BreAuna Shaw; Business Administration, sophomore \r\n<\/blockquote>\r\n
“I came to Oklahoma City University for the brand new Master of Music in Multiple Woodwinds and the musical theater opportunities.”
—Clay Steiner; Multiple Woodwinds, first-year Graduate \r\n<\/blockquote>\r\n
“I came to OCU because I was immediately struck by the level the excellence the program produced and wanted to be part of such a welcoming and competitive environment.”
—Katie Crim; Instrumental Performance, sophomore \r\n<\/blockquote>"}}}}}},"padding":"full","backgroundColor":"white","hidePostDates":"no"}},"296221":{"type":"snippet","enabled":true,"collapsed":false,"fields":{"selectedSnippet":["296171"]}}}
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