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Why We Chose OCU: Chassiti Oglesby

Welcome to our newest Nova series, Why We Chose OCU. We spend a lot of time telling prospective students why they should choose OCU, but who better to explain the real benefits as you’ll experience them than current students? We asked some current Stars to give us the rundown of why they chose OCU and why you should, too.

The basics

Name: Chassiti Oglesby
Major: Exercise and Sport Science
Academic Year: Junior
Home City
: Lewisville, Texas

What was the deciding factor that led you to attend school at OCU?

The overall atmosphere. The campus was beautiful in pictures, then I came for a visit, and I immediately felt at home. I had such an incredible welcoming on my visits with the tour guides, other students who spoke with me and didn't even know who I was, and the soccer team. After visiting here, I looked at my mom and immediately knew OCU would be my home for the next 4 years.

Do you feel like your expectations of your college experience have been met or exceeded?

Exceeded. From the continued love, support, and caring attitudes with other students, teammates, and professors, OCU has continued to make me feel just like it did when I visited for the first time in high school. With the small size of OCU, I love the fact that I can walk anywhere on campus and feel comfortable because I recognize a face or someone always asks how I have been doing.

How accepted do you feel at OCU?

I feel 100% accepted emotionally, culturally, and spiritually here at OCU. I feel like OCU has continued to amaze me in the ways they get involved with diversity and inclusion and continue this throughout Greek life as well. OCU truly cares about every last student, staff member, and visitor.

How has your time at OCU changed your life?

I have met people here at OCU I feel like I would've never gotten the opportunity to anywhere else. I could honestly go anywhere in the U.S. and know at least one person from every state. With my involvement on the soccer team, I have been introduced to so many different ways of life from all the international players present. OCU has changed my life in so many ways it is hard to single out on specific aspect, but if I had to pick, it would be by opening my mind to so many different lifestyles, cultures, and even the artistic world through dance and theater.

If you had to try to convince a high school student they should consider OCU, what would your pitch be?

I would tell them that even though OCU is a small school, it is in such a big city that you feel surrounded by so much, and it is hard to get bored here. The kindhearted, going out of their way professors will push your limits each and every class as you have small classes, but I have never felt more involved and comfortable to reach out to a professor for help when I need it due to being able to connect with them in the small class sizes. Even though OCU looks small from the outside looking in, there is so so much more OCU has to offer each and every year as a student, and it is like its own small community that you never want to leave. Whether you're having a bad day or a good day, there will always be a smiling face here on campus, even someone you don't know, that will help brighten your day just a little more.

If you had to pick one word only to describe your time so far at OCU, what would that word be?

Memorable. I chose this word because OCU has yet to fail to give me a lifetime of memories that I will forever cherish, and I am so grateful to have met the wonderful staff and students here.

Do you participate in athletics, school clubs, Greek life or other extracurricular activities?

I participate in Greek life as I am a sister of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and am also on the women's soccer team. I am also a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

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