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Disability & Access Services for Prospective Students

Oklahoma City University provides access for students who have documented disabilities and apply for accommodations through Disability and Access Services (DAS). 

If you are eligible to receive a an academic or housing accommodations because of a documented disability, OCU is committed to offer you reasonable modifications for classes and on-campus housing. 

  • It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain accommodations.
  • The approval process for accommodations may be a lengthy one, send your application as soon as possible upon enrollment. Once we receive your information, our staff will contact you with information on the next steps. 
  • You may have to reapply for accommodations every semester or Academic Year, depending on the type.
  • Approval for academic accommodations may not be the same as achieving success and/or getting a desired grade in any specific course. 
  • University accommodations are access-based rather than success-based, changes are not made that would modify your academic integrity or responsibilities for classes. 
  • Accommodations that would result in a fundamental alteration of the class cannot be approved. 
  • Accommodations are not provided retroactively, it is important that you make an application as soon as the need for it is known.

Kara Morrow, MFT

Assistant Director for Disability & Access Services

Phone: 405-208-5895

Email: [email protected]

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