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Documentation Requirements

Disability Services at Oklahoma City University asks students who request disability accommodations to describe their disability, and the disability’s likely impact on their educational experiences.

Types of documentation supportive of such requests include medical records, psycho-educational testing, school records, or a letter from your medical professional. Generally, some documentation will be needed for most disabilities. If you don’t have copies of this type of information, you are welcome to meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to discuss other ways to demonstrate a connection between your condition and any academic barriers you anticipate or are facing.

Documentation can provide OCU with information about how your disability affects you, and valuable insight into appropriate and reasonable accommodations for equal access.

The use of accommodations in post-secondary institutions is based upon more than just the diagnosis of a disability. It is based on the severity of impact (Functional Impact) on a major life activity. This is why documentation for a post-secondary institution has to provide more information than just a diagnosis and must address the severity of the impact. Another student with the same disability may be impacted differently by his disability; therefore, all accommodations are viewed on a case-by-case basis.

A student must meet the requirements of each course they enroll in. It is important to separate personal skills and behaviors from academic requirements. A student with a disability should be graded utilizing the same criteria for all students.

  1. Fill out the OCU CAMPUS DISABILITY REGISTRATION FORM. Students may provide documentation at this time.
  2. You likely will be asked to set up a meeting with the Disability Coordinator to discuss in detail how your disability prevents you from equal access. To set up a meeting, contact: Kara Morrow. Email: [email protected] Phone: 405-208-5895
  3. Students must provide documentation per the guidelines listed on this website for disability requests. In some cases, a student may be given temporary accommodations while in the process of obtaining full documentation. Temporary accommodations can last up to 1 semester, at which point the student must provide documentation to continue services.
  4. The Disability Services Coordinator will review the documentation and recommend appropriate accommodations.
  5. A Letter of Accommodation will be provided to the student for each class they are enrolled in. The Letter of Accommodations will be emailed to the faculty member at the beginning of the term, or when the student signs up for services.
  6. Students will receive an email from the disability coordinator to confirm services are still needed each semester.
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