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How to Apply for Campus Housing

University Housing and Residence Life is excited that you decided to join the OCU Family and that you decided to live on campus. We have multiple options based on your classification and below you will find detailed information about applying to live on campus.

Fall Housing

Spring Housing

Summer Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I pack my things to make moving in easier?

In order to be certain that your belongings make it to your room safely, please follow these guidelines when packing:

  • Pack everything in a box, suitcase, or storage bin. Loose items are more likely to get lost and create more trips back and forth. In addition, in the event of inclement weather, your belongings will be much safer in a box than on their own!
  • Size matters (and weight too)! Remember that, in a lot of cases, you will be using stairs and not elevators to move your belongings. You will likely want to avoid bulky or particularly heavy items.
  • Plan for your shopping in Oklahoma City! Remember that you don't need to buy everything before you get here. Sometimes you will even have a better idea of what you need once you are here.
  • Communicate! Make sure that you have talked with your roommate and made an effort to avoid duplicating items for your room. This will not only save you trips but will save time and money as well!
  • Be informed! Make sure that you have read the Housing Contract and know what is and is not allowed in your room. Again, this will save time and effort for everyone.

Where do I go when I arrive on campus to move in?

  • For the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters, students will go directly to their assigned residence hall or apartment clubhouse that is stated in the move-in instructions.

Where do I park?

OCU's online parking map is here. Further parking questions should be directed to the OCU Police at 405-208-5001.

Where do I live?

  • For the Fall Semester, students will receive their room assignment in early July.
  • For the Spring Semester, students will receive their room assignment in December.

Any tips for moving in?

Bring along a dolly or handcart to make moving in easier — this will help you to move more items at once and reduce the overall number of trips back and forth. If you live within a 3-hour drive of OCU, consider bringing just the essentials along with enough clothing for 2 weeks. After a couple of weeks, you will have a better idea of what you really need and what can realistically fit in your room. You can then either go home to get these things or have a family member bring them to you.

Which residence halls have elevators?

Methodist Hall and Walker Hall are the only halls that have elevators. Banning Hall, Draper Hall, and Cokesbury Apartments have stairs to each floor/apartment.

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