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DEI Graduation Cord and Email Signature Badge

ODEI is proud to announce the launch of our DEI Graduation Cord and Email Signature Badge!

The DEI Graduation Cord is open to Oklahoma City University First Year Undergraduate Students.

The DEI Email Signature Badge is open to (Undergraduate Sophomore / Second Year – Senior) Students, Graduate Students, Staff, and Faculty. The graduation cord will be presented to incoming first year students that complete the required engagement points by their graduation date. The Email Signature Badge will be awarded to participants that complete the required engagement points for the Academic Year. New badges can be received each Academic Year.

Engagement Points are recorded by filling out the form for the DEI Graduation Cord/Badge for 2023-2024 Academic Year. The form is located on our website and on our ODEI Instagram and Linktree.

Graduation Cord Engagement points are calculated through Volunteer Outreach, Campus/Community Interaction, and University Curriculum. 1600 engagement points must be earned to obtain the graduation cord. Estimated time of completion is four years. Each individual submission will be a total of 50 points.

DEI Email Signature Badge include our Volunteer Badge and Community Engagement Badge. DEI Email Signature Badges require 100 engagement points each. Each individual submission will be a total of 25 points.

Participants are invited to attend the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, initiatives, & trainings as well as attend other DEI related campus or community events. Participants are also encouraged to integrate belonging, access, or campus collaborations into their respective colleges, offices, and organization initiatives.

Forms must be completed and submitted to qualify for the DEI Graduation Cord/Email Signature Badge in the allotted time for the Academic School Year.

Submissions that meet the criteria of developing knowledge of your understandings of diversity, equity, and inclusion will be approved by the VP of DEI, Director of DEI, and Assistant Director of DAS.

Falsification of engagement records or documentation will result in denial of the DEI cord and is a misconduct that is subject to disciplinary outcomes outlined in Student Code of Conduct Article V.

For any questions, please email [email protected] or Director of DEI, Danielle Pullen [email protected].

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