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Mohamed Daadaoui, Ph.D.
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Mohamed Daadaoui, Ph.D.

Chair of Political Science, History, and Philosophy & Rhetoric

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Political Science


Mohamed Daadaoui is a professor of Political Science and the Chair of Political Science, History, and Philosophy & Rhetoric. He is the author of Moroccan Monarchy and the Islamist Challenge. Daadaoui is a specialist of North African politics. Mohamed’s articles have appeared in the Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, the Journal of North African Studies, Hudson Institute, Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, Foreign Policy, Huffington Post, SADA of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Middle East Institute, Jadaliyya, and Muftah. He has also provided commentary to local and international media outlets such as: Oklahoma local PBS affiliate, C-Span, and al-Jazeera English. Daadaoui is also the author of a blog on the Maghreb region called Maghreb Blog. He is currently working on a Historical Dictionary of the Arab Uprisings and a manuscript on Islamism in Morocco and Tunisia.

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