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Gallery Hosts Projection Art Project

Norick Art Center

Oklahoma City University will host a projection mapping project titled “Cultivate Brilliance” after sunset each day from Saturday to March 4. Light and movement will illuminate a brick wall on the Norick Art Center at N.W. 26th Street and Blackwelder Avenue every evening from 6:35 to 10 p.m.

OKCU’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) partnered with PABOI, an artist group, to produce the projection. It consists of abstract images suggestive of rolling Oklahoma winds, dancing Foxtail Barley Pampas, and lightning bugs drifting around Sideoats Grama. “Cultivate” (land and art) “Brilliance” (light and intelligence) is the first project from OKCU SVA’s spring artist series, offering transformative environments for art in academia.


About PABOI: Pronounced /pəb/ as in pub, Boi as in boy, is an acronym for “Put a Buffalo On It.” PABOI is also the moniker that represents the creative collaborations in light between Chad Mount and Stephen Tyler. They ignite the art of the experience with engaging, magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision and cutting edge technology and design.

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