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OCU Adds Esports Management Degree

Oklahoma City University will add a degree program in esports management next fall. The bachelor’s degree program will incorporate exercise sports science, broadcasting, advertising, event management, budgeting and content development to prepare students for careers in esports management and promotions.

“This is a cutting-edge program that will give students a competitive edge as they seek careers in the dynamic field of esports,” said Amy Cataldi, dean of OCU’s Petree College of Arts and Sciences.

Beth Adele, OCU mass communications program director, said OCU will equip students with the skills and understanding of the many facets of the esports industry to tell stories, manage teams and communicate globally.

“In a booming and engaging online society, this program will prepare students to succeed professionally,” she said.

Courses will include health behavior, theory of coaching, TV studio and field production, advertising, esports team management and others.

Jason Miller, chair of OCU’s Exercise and Sport Science Department, added, “Our department is excited to be a part of the curriculum in the new esports management program, specifically contributing course work for the development of professional competencies in sports and team management, and providing guidance for maintaining and improving students’ personal health and wellness.”

Career possibilities for graduates include coaching, marketing, producing, commentating, editing and streaming, among others.

OCU is introducing the degree program just a few months after launching its first eSports club team, which has partnered with many regional university programs and local high school programs.

Esports Management applications are currently being accepted for fall 2020. To find out more, contact Professor Adele at [email protected].

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