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OKCU Named a Top School for Student Employment Compensation

Oklahoma City University was named one of the top schools for part-time job compensation by Student Loan Report, a website that provides information to students about financing their education.

“The commitment of your school to providing job opportunities to your student body says quite a bit about your campus and institution,” stated Drew Cloud, founder of the Student Loan Report. “On top of this, it helps foster a working environment that yields more benefits than just financial compensation, such as time management and fulfillment of multiple obligations.”

OKCU was noted for its high number of jobs that employ students (268) and its amount of total compensation. In a previous study, the university was highly rated for overall Federal Work-Study financial aid awarded to its student body. Only 490 out of 4,236 institutions in the U.S. fit the criteria for the Student Loan Report study. According to the study methodology, the total part-time employment (PTE) compensation from the institutions was derived from two self-reported pieces of data: the number of jobs and average dollar amount earned per job. These two values were multiplied together to determine the total PTE compensation.

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