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This program complements your major field of study by offering opportunities to learn about film culture and how movies are made. You’ll participate in our film workshop classes and gain experience with editing, a key stage in the production of any work for the screen.

Requirements Credit Hours: 19 (20) 

  • FILM 1024 Intro Film Workshop 4 
  • FILM 1013 Introduction to Film Studies or 
  • FILM 1113 History of Motion Pictures 3 
  • FILM 2123 Film Editing Foundations 3 
  • FILM 3123 Edit Theory and Practice or 
  • FILM 3213 Film Theory and Criticism 3 
  • FILM 3000- to 4000-Level Elective courses 6 (7)

Film students are encouraged to seek internships. Some recent students have worked with Prairie Surf Media, Green Pastures Studio, the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, Osiyo TV (Cherokee Nation productions), and a variety of films and TV shows filmed in the state.

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