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This certificate program will provide you with a means for enhancing your professional skills to innovatively address current and future instructional and pedagogical needs. It empowers teachers with the tools to impact their school communities and the world at large through technological infusion for the modern classroom.

Upon completion of the program, you will be equipped with skills such as designing effective learning experiences, integrating learning theories into instructional practices and leveraging instructional technology. You will gain skills to analyze and evaluate existing and emerging instructional technologies, implement research methodologies and perform data analyses.

All courses will be delivered in a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person and remote participation.

The only prerequisite is a bachelor's degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA

Educational Technology Certificate courses
(9 hours)

GRED6133 Survey of Instructional Technology

Explores current trends in educational technology that is leveraged for teaching and learning. Students will evaluate emerging technologies from the context of various learning environments. (Fall)

GRED6103 Educational Technology in Practice

Credit granted for evidence-based practical knowledge of educational technology in the workplace. (Fall/Spring)

GRED6623 Innovative Leadership

Prepares educational leaders to effectively plan, evaluate, and manage technology that supports teaching and learning in K-12 schools today and in the future. (Summer)

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