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English/Education Double Major

General education requirements: students preparing for teacher certification must take World Literature to fulfill the general education literature requirement.

English/Education students must demonstrate competency in standard English grammar and usage in one of the following ways:

  • Making a grade of C or higher in Advanced Grammar (ENGL 3203)
  • Passing a designated grammar test at a level of 70% or higher

Required English Courses

ENGL 2123 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 2303 Critical Reading and Writing
ENGL 2403 Survey of British Literature, Old English to Restoration
ENGL 2703 Survey of British Literature, Romanticism to Present
ENGL 2713 Survey of American Literature, Colonial to Civil War
ENGL 2813 Survey of American Literature, Realism to Present
ENGL 3203 Advanced Grammar and Usage
ENGL 4013 Literature for Adolescents
ENGL 4503 Shakespeare
ENGL 4762 Senior Seminar (spring of junior year)
ENGL 4761 Senior Project (fall of senior year)

One 3000- or 4000-level course with a focus on diversity (must differ from core requirements)

Required Education Courses

EDUC 2001 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 3103 Human Development
EDUC 3113 Psychology & Assessment of Learning
EDUC 3213 Students with Exceptionalities
EDUC 4233 Methods of Teaching English
EDUC 4413 Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 4513 Classroom Management
EDUC 4663 Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC 4339 Student Teaching K–12

Note: All Education majors, including transfer students with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree, are required by the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accreditation (OEQA) to complete at least 2 courses in a single foreign language as part of their degree requirements.

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