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Exercise Science to Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Oklahoma City University's 3+3 Exercise Science to DPT offers high-achieving students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in six years. To accomplish the timesaving for the student, the final year of the BS in Exercise Science will be completed by the first year in the DPT program at OCU.

Students must complete Oklahoma City University's admissions process and be academically admitted through an interview process. Below are the steps to complete the application.

1. Submit your application here.
2. Upload your personal essay and resume.
3. Have official transcripts sent to Oklahoma City University from every school attended. Official transcripts are sent by a school official, electronic transcript service, or through mail. Transcripts are not accepted directly from the student.
4. Complete the recommendations section if you are a first-time freshman student. High school counselor recommendations are required.
5. Order your ACT or SAT score report to be sent directly to Oklahoma City University.
6. Pay the OCU application fee.
7. Submit your application.

Students will be required to have a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA and take the ACT or SAT and score a minimum of 26 or 1240, respectively. International applicants will be required to take the ACT or SAT and submit an English Language proficiency test as outlined by International Admissions.

A committee comprised of the faculty from both Exercise and Sport Science and the Department of Physical Therapy will determine if a student is allowed to enter the program.

Transfer students or first-time freshmen students with college credit will only be allowed to transfer in 12 credit hours. Any additional college work will not be counted towards this degree plan.

Students in the program will apply to the Physical Therapy program between their sophomore and junior year at OCU and participate in the DPT interview process associated. Students must also take the GRE General Test as required by the DPT program.





Fall-1Crs Spring-1Crs
ENGL 11133 ENGL 12133
BIO 2003 Anatomy and Physiology I3 MATH 15033
BIO 2041 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1 BIO 2103 Anatomy and Physiology II3
Sociology3 BIO 2141 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
Intro to ESS2 Public Speaking3
Concepts in Biology 11143 Introduction to World Religions3
Biol 1114 Lab1 (must be Service Learning) 
Total16 Total16
World or Western Lit3   


Fall-2Crs Spring-2Crs
American History3 PSYC 2013 Lifespan Development/ Abnormal Psych3
Philosophy and Ethics3 ESS 3213 Kinesiology and Biomechanics3
Foreign Language I3 ESS 3241 Kinesiology and Biomechanics Lab1
ESS Physical Activity Course1 Foreign Language II3
CHEM 1104 Chemistry I4 CHEM 1204 Chemistry II4
CHEM 1141 Chemistry I Lab1 CHEM 1241 Chemistry Lab II1
Total15 Total15
American Government3   
Methods of Scientific Inquiry3   


Fall-3Crs Spring-3Crs
ESS 4483 Internship3 ESS4663 Capstone3
ESS 3413 Physiology of Exercise3 ESS 4303 EXRX4
ESS 3441 Physiology of Exercise Lab1 ESS 4341 EXRX Lab1
Fine Arts3 ESS 3003 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
PHYS 1503 Physics I3 PHYS 1603 Physics II3
PHYS 1541 Physics Lab I1 PHYS 1641 Physics Lab II1
Stats3 (must be Service Learning) 
Total17 Total15
   Total Credits Year 1-3106
   Total Credits with Year 4 in DPT Program161
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