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Welcome to the Financial Analytics MBA Program! Our STEM-designated MBA program offers a broad range of knowledge in corporate finance, data analysis, programming, financial modeling, and risk management. Gain the skills to answer business questions and forecast financial scenarios. Choose between online or in-person learning options.

Are you passionate about financial analytics? Our Master's Degree in Financial Analytics at Meinders School of Business is designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in the field. Experience hands-on learning through projects and case studies. Prepare for a successful career in financial analytics and make informed decisions that create value for organizations. Enroll now to become a skilled financial analytics professional.

According to YMGrad, a college search service, “STEM graduates are at the forefront of more lucrative opportunities.”

Degree Requirements – Credit Hours: 36 

  • MBA 5123 Effective Leadership and Communication 3 
  • ACCT 5213 Accounting for Business Decision Making 3 
  • MGMT 5213 Business Strategy for Creating Value 3 
  • ECON 5313 Data Analysis for Business Decisions 3 
  • ECON 5413 Managing at the Crossroads: The Global Economic Environment 3 
  • MKTG 5103 Strategic Marketing Decisions for Creating Value 3 
  • FIN 5303 Financial Strategy and Decision Making 3 
  • MGMT 5703 Ethical, Societal, and Legal Environment of Business 3 
  • IT 5603 Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 3 
  • IT 5113 Computer Programming for Data Scientists 3 
  • FIN 5113 Computational Finance and Financial Modeling 3 
  • FIN 5213 Portfolio and Risk Management 3

Leadership MBA
MBA in Data Analytics
MBA in Energy
MBA in Corporate Accounting
MBA in Healthcare Administration
MS in Energy Management
MS in Accounting
MS in Data Analytics
MS in Financial Analytics

While applicants are not required to have undergraduate business degrees nor previous study in the field of business, they must demonstrate the likelihood of success in a rigorous graduate program. Applicants are expected to have a basic understanding of statistics and analytical techniques and the ability to express and communicate ideas precisely and coherently.

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