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Welcome to Oklahoma City University's premier online MBA in Leadership. Our program is specifically designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the world of business and professional leadership, whether you find yourself running your own business or holding court in the boardroom or C-suite.

Students in the MBA in Leadership program study scientifically tested leadership best practices, take a deep dive on their own leadership philosophy, and cover business strategies, data analysis for business decisions, management techniques and organizational behavior.

Join us at Oklahoma City University and unlock your potential. Experience our online learning platform, which provides flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of education. Our esteemed faculty and industry-relevant coursework will ensure that you receive a comprehensive education that aligns with the latest industry trends and practices.  Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your career prospects and become a sought-after professional. Apply now and take the first step toward a successful future.

MBA 5123 – Effective Leadership & Communication

Based on the established foundations of the Authentic Leadership Model and utilizing the in-depth CDR Assessment Group program for self-assessment and leadership coaching, this course facilitates the development of interpersonal and team skills leaders need to function effectively. The primary focus is on integrated behavioral competencies demanded in organizations today: self-awareness, communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationship building. Students will work through their own, individualized leadership profile assessments, evaluate effective leadership behaviors, and explore techniques and processes to communicate and negotiate effectively within organizations.

ACCT 5213 – Accounting for Business Decision Making

Emphasis on the application of accounting information for financial reporting and managerial decision making.

MGMT 5213 – Business Strategy for Creating Value

Focuses upon organizational, competitive, and environmental issues confronting organizations and how firms identify, seize, and defend opportunities in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing global economy.

ECON 5313 – Data Analysis for Business Decisions

Focuses on the identification and access of information sources and analyzing the information to make informed decisions and solve managerial problems. Topics include numerical and graphic description of data, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis and predictive modeling, linear allocation models and allocating resources, forecasting, and decision analysis. The course utilizes spreadsheet, statistical, and simulation software.

ECON 5413 – Managing at the Crossroads: The Global Economic Environment

Emphasizing the perspective of managers in the private sector, this course focuses on interactions of economic principles at work at the interfirm, intra-industry, and inter-industry levels (microeconomics), at the economy-wide level (macroeconomics), and at the global level (international economics).

MKTG 5103 – Strategic Marketing Decisions for Creating Value

This course is concerned with crafting marketing strategies and making marketing decisions. At the end of the course, students should be able to structure and solve rather complex marketing problems.

FIN 5303 – Financial Strategy and Decision Making

Fundamental concepts such as time value of money and risk-return relationships in finance are presented in detail. Financial decisions faced by modern business enterprises are analyzed in the framework of financial theories. These decisions include capital budgeting, long-term financing, dividend policy, short-term financial management, and performance evaluations.

FIN 5603 – Advanced Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

This course seeks to expand students' knowledge of the role of technology and data in the business decision-making process and in the planning and management of organizations. Students gain understanding of business intelligence, analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, big data, cloud computing, robotics, group DSS, collaboration systems, and the Internet of Things.

MGMT 5703 – Ethical, Societal, and Legal Environment of Business

This course examines areas of law and ethics that relate to the contemporary business environment. Areas of study include contracts, torts, white collar crime, product liability, anti-competitive practices, consumer protection, employment practices, business organizations, and the legal and ethical responsibilities.

MGMT 5713 – Strategic Leadership of the Organization

This course enhances the student's ability to manage organizations and their members. The primary objective is to increase understanding of organizational behavior theory, research and practice at the individual, intragroup, and intergroup levels. 

MGMT 5113 – Special Topics in Business

Rotating variable topics course allowing students to develop expertise in a current business topic.

MGMT 6643 – Capstone Experience: Integrating and Applying Business Knowledge

Using a combination of simulations, cases, and/or live-case client projects, this course integrates principles and concepts from all earlier course work. Emphasizes management of the enterprise as a process of integration using strategic processes and bound by the resources, environmental constraints and ethical considerations of the enterprise.

Corporate Accounting MBA

Data Analytics MBA

Energy MBA

Financial Analytics MBA

Health Care Administration MBA 

The total program price for the Online MBA is $15,000* -- one of the best prices in the region for an AACSB-accredited MBA.

*Required textbooks and/or additional required learning materials may cost extra

AACSB Accredited

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