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Marketing is a system of business activities that begins with an interpretation of the wants and needs of consumers, follows through with all activities involved in the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers, and ends with those services necessary to aid the consumer in getting the expected usefulness from the product or service purchased.

Every organization’s goal is to market and sell its products or services profitably while creating a valuable relationship with customers. A marketing graduate could find professional opportunities in sales, advertising, communications, promotions, brand management, supply chain management, research, and more for companies both large and small, for profit and nonprofit. The emphasis of our program is a blend of theory and “hands-on” experiences through projects with external clients, internships, and interactions with leaders in the marketing industry.

The management and marketing faculty work collaboratively to offer a learning environment where students have the opportunity to learn management and marketing theory and apply through experience in and outside the classroom the skills and abilities necessary to develop the art of management and leadership and the science of management and marketing. Students may participate in externships, mentoring, internships, and interactions with leaders in the marketing industry and management at all levels.

AACSB accredited

Oklahoma City University is one of only two private Universities in Oklahoma to have a business school accredited by AACSB. AACSB-accredited schools have better programs, better faculty, better students with higher overall GPAs, more international students, more employers that recruit from them, and graduates that receive better salaries.

Small classes = Enhanced Learning

Meinders has a 11:1 ratio in most classrooms. Small class sizes and highly qualified professors ensure you get the most out of your time in the classroom.

Active Learning Experiences Help Our Students Excel In a Competitive Job Market

Meinders business students have enhanced opportunities from business plan and ethics competitions to internships, study abroad, live investment activities, and events with local business leaders and philanthropists. Our students have access to some of the best active learning experiences in Oklahoma and abroad.

Expanded Opportunities for Study Abroad and Research

Students have outstanding opportunities to travel and study internationally.

Additional Learning Experiences

Exceptional facilities

The business school contains cutting-edge technology in more than 12 teaching rooms, four executive classrooms, large and small conference rooms, four computer labs, a student/faculty lounge to facilitate collaboration and mentoring, breakout rooms for small-group meetings, and a 250-seat, theater-styled auditorium.

General education courses require 43 credit hours. The basic general education curriculum is a requirement for all undergraduate degrees at Oklahoma City University.

All students completing majors in the Meinders School of Business BBA degree must complete the following required courses referred to as the Business Core.

Business Core: 59 credit hours

IT 1003Introduction to Information Technology3 credit hours
IT 3133Technology and Operations Management3 credit hours
PHRH 1103Public Speaking3 credit hours
MGMT 1001Freshman Business Connection1 credit hour
MGMT 2001Sophomore Business Connection1 credit hour
MGMT 2023Business Communication and Technical Writing3 credit hours
MGMT 2213Business Law3 credit hours
MGMT 2223Business Ethics and Leadership3 credit hours
MGMT 3123Principles of Management and Organization3 credit hours
MGMT 3213Human Resources Management3 credit hours
ACCT 2113Financial Accounting3 credit hours
ACCT 2213Managerial Accounting3 credit hours
ECON 2013Principles of Macroeconomics3 credit hours
ECON 2113Principles of Microeconomics3 credit hours
ECON 2123Business Statistic3 credit hours
ECON 2423Incremental Analysis and Optimization or3 credit hours
MATH 2004Calculus and Analytical Geometry3 credit hours
ECON 3013International Economic Policies3 credit hours
ECON 3513Applied Statistics for Business3 credit hours
MKTG 3013Marketing Principles3 credit hours
FIN 3023Business Finance3 credit hours
MGMT 4573International Business Strategy3 credit hours

Electives Credit Hours: 0–9

Students majoring in economics with arts and sciences second fields and students majoring in business administration may take business courses to fulfill their elective requirement. B.B.A./M.S.A. students are not required to take IT 3133, Technology and Operations Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (B.B.A.) | Major Requirements 

Credit Hours: 21

Required Courses

MKTG 3113Marketing Research3 credit hours
MKTG 3313Consumer Behavior3 credit hours
MKTG 4153Marketing Management and Strategy3 credit hours

Elective Courses (Select four)

MKTG 3123Consultative Selling3 credit hours
MKTG 4013Transnational Marketing3 credit hours
MKTG 4103Brand Identity and Strategic Brand Management3 credit hours
MKTG 4123Services Marketing3 credit hours
MKTG 4133Topics in Marketing3 credit hours
MKTG 4213Consultative Experience3 credit hours
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