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The BA in Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship program provides a flexible, individualized program of study to train the next generation of theatre artists and leaders including directors, playwrights, arts administrators, dramaturgs, teachers, and more!

We are looking for students who live an artistic life of “and” to come and join this unique program. BATIE students are: performers “and” writers, directors “and” teachers, designers “and” dramaturgs, artistic leaders “and” scientists, and so much more! If you are passionate about theatre and know that you want to study more than one thing, forging your own path, then this is the program for you! We are looking for excellent students who are ready to embark on an individualized program of theatrical study tailored to their own unique interests and goals and who want to build a broad foundation to support multi-faceted careers in and outside of the theatre. If that’s you, then we want to meet you!

The BATIE Program

Students in this program will pair the BA core curriculum, which includes a wide variety of classes from many areas of the theatre, with a selection of classes that meet each student’s educational and career goals. Students can choose to complete multiple minors in and outside of the school of theatre, a double major in another area, or select a variety of courses from across campus. Each student’s degree will be different, and each student will work with faculty and their advisor to design a unique program that is tailored to them! The possibilities are endless, but here are some pathways and tracks that a BATIE student might explore:

Four-Year and Five-Year BA+MA

The BATIE pairs perfectly with the 4-year and 5-year BA+MA in Arts Administration program. Students in this program can complete both a bachelors and a masters degree in either four or five years depending on how many credits they bring to OCU when they enroll. Students also have access to the Undergraduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.

Students interested in directing are encouraged to minor in Directing, Dramaturgy, and when possible, Design and Production. This equips them with a broad foundation for leading theatrical productions and the knowledge and skills to make dynamic production choices. Directing students may have the opportunity to serve as assistant directors on School of Theatre productions, direct productions for the student theatre organizations, direct productions as a part of the Studio Series, and even do internships serving as an assistant director at a professional theatre in Oklahoma City.

Students interested in Dramaturgy are encouraged to complete the Dramaturgy minor, the Directing minor, and the Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship. As soon as students take the Dramaturgy course they are eligible to start serving as a dramaturg for productions on campus. Because there are so many productions each year, students may have the opportunity to dramaturg many times during their degree. Opportunities may also exist for students to serve as dramaturgs or assistant dramaturgs for professional productions in Oklahoma City.

The BATIE offers two different ways for students to train as teachers. Students in both programs will have the opportunity to work at the Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, a professional children’s theatre on the OCU campus.

Teacher Certification

Students interested in teaching theatre at a public school have the opportunity to double major in Theatre and Education. Students on this track will complete the BA core and the coursework for the Education major. Then, in their final semester, they will complete a semester of student teaching as their capstone. As their schedules allow, students are also encouraged to take classes in the children’s theatre minor. Students in the double major are eligible for the “Inspired to Teach” program, which provides additional funding to future teachers, including scholarship funds that will apply to their degree at OCU. For more information, visit the Inspired to Teach website by clicking here.

Teaching Artists

In addition, students who are interested in becoming teaching artists are encouraged to complete the minor in Children’s Theatre, the minor in Directing, and coursework in Design and Production as possible. Students in the Children’s Theatre minor are required to intern with the Oklahoma Children’s Theatre gaining hands-on experience in the field. Students who complete this coursework are ready to work at and even run children’s theatre companies and serve as teaching artists in a variety of capacities.

Students interested in Arts Administration are encouraged to take a variety of courses in theatre to build a broad foundation in all areas. In addition, students are advised to complete the Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship and minor in another relevant area including Social Media or Business Entrepreneurship. Students interested in Arts Administration also have access to the 4-year and 5-year BA + MA in Arts Administration programs. Students are also encouraged to take classes in the Entertainment Business program as available. Students in this track may also have opportunities to serve as assistant producers and production assistants on campus and to complete internships with professional arts organizations in Oklahoma City.

Students interested in playwriting are encouraged to complete the Scriptwriting Minor, which is jointly taught in Theatre, Film, and English. Students are also advised to complete a Dramaturgy minor in the School of Theatre and to get involved with From Scratch, a student organization dedicated to supporting and producing original student work. There may also be opportunities for writers in the program to have their work read or produced in other capacities on campus and beyond.

Students interested in filmmaking can either complete a dual BA degree in Film and Theatre or pair a minor in film with other areas of study. Students may have the opportunity to participate in a variety of film projects on campus.” For more information on the Film program at OCU click here

The BATIE allows students to double major in many other disciplines. The flexibility in the degree makes it possible to pair your studies in theatre with another area of interest. Click here to see a list of majors and minors available across campus. Though not all majors on campus can be completed as a double major in four years, there are many that can. If you are interested in double majoring, set up a time to chat with us about the possibilities.

The BATIE is unique from many other BA programs because to graduate you only have to complete your general education requirements, the BA core, and earn enough credits for graduation. That means that you can use the other credits in the degree to take ANY CLASS YOU WANT. As long as there is a seat available and you meet the prerequisites, you can take it and it can count toward your degree. Students interested in using their degree to explore will work with BATIE faculty and their advisor to plan their adventure!

As a part of their program of study, BATIE students are encouraged to study abroad in their third year. The program is designed to accommodate a semester abroad. For more information about study abroad opportunities at OCU, click here to visit the Study Abroad Office website.

OCU offers generous scholarships for incoming students based on their high school GPA. Learn more about Scholarships. In addition, the BA program offers talent-based scholarships that are awarded based on the submission of a portfolio and an interview. All students who are offered admission to the BATIE will also be awarded a talent scholarship. Academic scholarships combined with talent scholarships make OCU an affordable option for most students!


BA Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship Application Information for Fall 2025 Admission

Step 1: Submit an Application to the University indicating your interest in the BA Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. 

Step 2: Fill out the BATIE application on Acceptd including submitting a portfolio of materials that you think show us who you are as an artist. If you would prefer not to submit through Acceptd, please email Dr. Amy at [email protected] to arrange to submit via another platform. Acceptd will start taking submissions on August 1st, 2024. If you would like to submit materials prior, please send them to Dr. Amy. Either way you submit, your portfolio can contain whatever you would like but should include the following:

  1. A current resume of your theatrical/artistic work that includes your name and pronouns (if you would like to share them), your email, phone number, and current GPA.
  2. A letter of recommendation from a teacher that shares why you would be a good fit for the BA in Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. The letter might speak to your strengths as an artist, how you exemplify the idea of “and” that is central to the program, your readiness for a challenging, individualized program of study, and anything else that will help us determine if you are a good fit for the program.
  3. A selection of materials that shows off what you do! This can and should include things you’ve written, designed, performed, etc. and those things can be from your work in theatre or other places in and outside of school. You can share your work in the form of photos, videos, or documents, and should highlight all the things you do as an artist. The goal is to show us what you do by sharing examples, so the more the better! This portfolio should be fully digital and submitted according to the instructions on Acceptd.
  4. A writing sample. For this component, you have two choices:
    1. Submit something you’ve written. This can be a play or other creative writing or it can be analytical writing (a paper or essay) from an English, History, or other class.
    2. Respond to the following prompt in about 500 words (two pages double-spaced) of your best writing:
      Why do the arts matter? Using your own experience and, if you would like, research, explain why you believe the arts are important and worthy of study.

Step 3: We will review your portfolio and if we think that we will be a fit for you and you will be a fit for us we will reach out to you via the email provided on your resume to schedule an interview. We can do interviews over Zoom, in person on campus, or at an event that we are attending.

If you have any questions please reach out to the head of the BATIE Program, Dr. Amy Osatinski, at [email protected].


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