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Oklahoma City University Creates Emergency Scholarship Fund
Oklahoma City - A new emergency scholarship fund, entitled “You’re a Name, Not a Number” has been established at Oklahoma City University and will be used to assist students who may otherwise be financially unable to re-enroll for the spring semester. Any student facing sudden hardship due to the recession is eligible to apply for assistance and will be evaluated on an individual basis. Members of OCU’s financial aid team will update students’ financial aid applications as a part of the process, in an effort to offset as much cost as possible for each student. “At OCU, we are a family, first and foremost,” said President Tom McDaniel. “We are partners with our students and their parents and we share their commitment to education. OCU has for many years insisted that here, students are names and not numbers, and this is a tremendous way for us to demonstrate what we mean when we say that.” McDaniel, along with the university’s leadership, created this fund and launched several other initiatives in order to help students in this difficult time, including the development of more job opportunities for students on campus, increasing fundraising efforts for scholarships and endowment, and mandating cost cutting across campus. The You’re a Name, Not a Number scholarship fund was initiated this week on campus. For those wishing to help, gifts to the fund may be sent to Sandy Cotton, senior director of development, at 2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 or Emergency financial aid and work assistance opportunities will be offered to eligible students as long as funds are available. For more information, contact Denise Flis, director of financial aid, at (405) 208-5848 or