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Volunteer Project Day Returns to OCU
Students at Oklahoma City University will do various community service projects Oct. 11 as part of a volunteer activity called OneGive. Now in its second year, OneGive was originally created by students to help beautify the OCU campus. Students, faculty and staff supplied the labor, and the money saved from the volunteer hours was used for a campus improvement of the students’ choosing — the installation of a new waterfall fountain near the McDaniel University Center. This year, however, the students are taking their improvement skills off campus to help charitable organizations. And instead of raising money for an on-campus feature, the students will donate their earnings to the “You’re a Name, Not a Number” scholarship. “In today’s economy, it seemed more appropriate to give the money to the scholarship fund,” said OCU Student Government President Camal Pennington. The “You’re a Name, Not a Number” scholarship was created last winter when students began seeing the economy take its toll on student retention numbers. The university began collecting funds to help those who would otherwise be unable to return to school because of financial hardship. The list of OneGive projects on campus includes painting curbs, removing shrubbery and other landscape projects. Each campus organization or department may select their own off-campus community service project to be performed on the same day. Pennington is anticipating approximately 500 volunteers split into individual teams. His goal is to raise $10,000 for the scholarship fund. Pennington said OneGive represents the “servant leadership” mentality that is emphasized at OCU. “This student-led project is designed to unite the Oklahoma City University community – trustees, faculty, students, staff and the United Methodist Church – and engage them in active servant leadership,” he said. Go to to donate or email the SGA office at to participate.