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Web Site Wunderkind Wants to Change the World
OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City University student added a new tool to the World Wide Web with today’s launch of his Web site “What I’d Change” at Justin Briggs, an MBA student in the Meinders School of Business, has been working on the Web site since the fall. It is his self-owned company’s first endeavor. Briggs, who calls himself the company’s chief change officer, said he latched onto the idea of creating a Web site where visitors could share their thoughts about what they would like to change about any topic imaginable. “I started thinking about it right around Halloween, and after exploring the idea I was surprised that no one else was working on a crowdsourcing site like this,” Briggs said. The topics range from product wishes like what Apple should add to its iPhone to more serious issues like eliminating homelessness. The topics are categorized and visitors can add their own. They can also leave comments about someone else’s idea and vote for their favorites. The most popular ideas will move to the forefront of the site in the Hall of Change. Briggs hopes visitors will act on some of the best changes, turning mere thoughts into reality. “In the long run, I’d like to do contests and special events to help apply these ideas. This could be a tool to enact some things that would benefit many people. The site is about starting conversations to affect change,” he said. Eventually Briggs wants to set up a section where celebrities and dignitaries can offer their change suggestions. He mentioned the possibility of taking a specific theme and offering opposing sides a space to state their wishes. For instance, a Republican and a Democrat could talk about what they don’t like about their own respective parties. Briggs put together a team of close friends to help build and launch the Web site. His fiancée Michelle Llanderosos, a law student at OCU and a clerk for the Dunlap Codding law firm, is helping with legal matters like patent rights. Briggs met Web designer Tyler Smith on a planning committee for Ignite OKC, a community networking event that takes place today. Smith is also president of Traction Marketing Group. And co-founder Ryan Benn is a longtime friend of Briggs who has been a key idea man. Briggs hopes “What I’d Change” becomes popular enough to help get his other projects off the ground. He is also working on a site called for brand marketing communications, which he hopes will be ready in the summer. Briggs has been getting his finance education through a Bill Hutton Endowed Scholarship and with tuition assistance from his employer, Altheus Theraputics, where he works in corporate strategy and development. While he has no intentions of leaving his regular job, Briggs said he considers his side projects as tools to learn new things about his career. “It’s my hobby and my career all in one,” he said.