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OCU Introduces B.A. in Music, with Pre-Med Electives
Music Majors Boast Top Med School Acceptance Rate OKLAHOMA CITY – The Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University is giving students new opportunities to work toward careers in medicine while pursuing their passion for music. OCU is now enrolling students in the Bachelor of Arts in music with elective studies in pre-medicine program. “Of the students who choose to attend medical school, those holding music degrees are the most likely to be accepted,” said Eduardo Prieto, OCU’s vice president for enrollment services. A study of the undergraduate majors of medical school applicants by physician and biologist Lewis Thomas found a 66 percent success rate for music majors, the best of any major. In comparison, 44 percent of biochemistry majors were admitted. The findings do not surprise Mark Parker, dean of OCU’s Bass School of Music. “All pre-med students are required to take the same core classes and, of course, to take the MCATs,” Parker said. “The undergraduate majors of pre-med students vary; no one actually majors in ‘pre-med.’ We do find, however, that those who succeed in medicine and in music share similar qualities of excellence, achievement and discipline including a powerful work ethic, critical thinking skills, the capacity to absorb new material quickly and to devote long hours to study, the ability to work as a member of a team and the determination to succeed.” For many, the connection often continues long after medical school. Orchestras comprised of physicians are a long-standing tradition in Europe and in North American cities from Montreal to Los Angeles. In 2007, cardiologist and conductor Stefan Willich established the World Doctors Orchestra, which convenes twice yearly to perform medical aid concerns. Ophthalmologist Alfred Mamelock, past president of the Doctors Orchestral Society of New York, told Time magazine, “The taste for medicine and the taste for music are the same kind of thing. Medicine is an art as much as it is a science, if not more so.” The Bass School of Music is an all-Steinway School, the nation’s first Conn-Selmer School and an Apple Digital Campus. Since its opening in 2006, the $38.5 million, 113,000-square-foot Bass Music Center has hosted artists and educators from across the state and around the world. The Bass School has international partnerships and cultural exchanges with Poland’s I.J. Paderewski Music Academy, the Tianjin Conservatory of China and the Hed School of the Israeli College of Contemporary Music. For more information about the B.A. in music with elective studies in pre-medicine, call (405) 208-5980, email or visit