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Academic Plan Features Traditional British Approach
OKLAHOMA CITY —A new academic plan at Oklahoma City University is intended to reflect the scholarly approach of attending the University of Oxford in England, which is considered by many in academe as being the most prestigious college in the world. For that reason, ask a student who is participating in the plan at OCU what they’re studying and they’ll probably say with pride, “I’m on the Oxford Plan.” That simple statement carries a strong definition according to Oxford Plan co-architect Richard Johnson, assistant dean of the Petree College of Arts and Sciences. “Obviously, this track isn’t for everyone,” Johnson said. “This is for focused students who intend to embark on a serious intellectual pursuit. It takes a large amount of dedication once you start, and the entrance requirement standards are set very high.” The qualifications for incoming students are the same as those for honors students. They need to score at least a 27 on their ACTs or a high school GPA of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Once in, the Oxford Plan scholars begin working on their Bachelor of Arts degrees focusing on political science, philosophy and economics. Successful participants qualify for guaranteed or preferred admission to the Oklahoma City University School of Law to work on their Juris Doctor degrees. The scholars can get both degrees in a total of six years rather than the traditional seven years, thus saving a year’s worth of tuition. Scott Davidson, philosophy professor and Oxford Plan teacher, said that if the students stay dedicated to the plan, they have a great chance of joining a distinguished and exclusive list of highly successful individuals. “We developed this program because we feel that it provides an education that is essential for students who hope to be involved in public life and who want to play a role in solving the complex issues and challenges faced in our society today," Davidson said. "The Oxford Plan is modeled on a program in philosophy, political science and economics that was developed at Oxford University. That program has produced a number of important figures in American public life.”