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Oklahoma City Doctor Follows a Calling
OBGYN Enjoys Ministry Studies at Oklahoma City University
OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City gynecologist Dr. Andrea Doeden spent more than a decade training for her professional career, but she isn’t tired of school yet. Doeden enrolled last year at the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University. Doeden said she felt a calling to the seminary and is thoroughly enjoying her studies. Sometimes she skips class to deliver a baby, but Doeden keeps up with her coursework whether it’s a reading assignment for her New Testament class or a paper on Hinduism. “The courses are all different,” Doeden said. “I love the faculty and the students love being here. I’m very pleased with the academics and overall experience.” Doeden’s schedule requires a balancing act between working full time, attending school part time and spending time with her family, but she manages “by the grace of God.” Doeden said she chose the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University because she was impressed with the Master of Divinity program and appreciated the small class sizes, high academic standards and convenient location. Doeden had already heard good things about OCU from many of her patients; her stepson, Oklahoma City University School of Law student Ian Tennery and her sister-in-law, Dorothy Tennery, executive assistant to the provost at OCU. Doeden plans to continue her studies part time and complete the seminary program in about four years.