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Sustainability Conference Coming to OCU
Oklahoma City University will host a sustainability conference called “Peace, Poverty and Planet Earth” July 12-14. The conference is designed to give participants ideas on ways higher education can engage people in the most pressing social and ecological challenges. “We want to help develop moral leaders who will address the issues of peacemaking, social justice and ecological sustainability,” said Mark Davies, dean of the OCU Petree College of Arts and Sciences and co-founder of the student scholar group, Oikos. “We need to share ideas and work together to shape a better future.” Oikos, which is the Greek word for “house,” is a scholar program at OCU that focuses on solutions for global sustainability. Oikos and the Institute of Cultural Affairs — USA are sponsoring the conference. Guest speakers will be David Rowe, president of Centenary College in Louisiana, Amy Maglio, founder and executive director of Women’s Global Education Project and Larry Ward, director of the Lotus Institute in California. Rowe, an ordained United Methodist minister, earned his doctorate degree from Georgia State University where his research led to a dissertation titled “Cultural Leadership and Peace: An Educational Response to Religious Violence.” His professional interests include organizational transformation and global sustainability, which complement his research in leadership development and social change. Maglio started the Women’s Global Education Project with the intent of expanding educational opportunities to women and girls all over the world. She drew her inspiration after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa in the late ’90s. Ward has spent most of his life committed to non-violent social change, healing and transformation on a global level. In his capacity as international director of the Institute of Cultural Affairs, he served in leadership programs in 35 countries engaged in socio-economic development projects in urban and rural areas. He founded and has led sangha congregations in the U.S. He also provides pastoral counseling and mentors students and Zen priests in the Order of Inter-being. For more information, download the conference brochure (.pdf).