Bachelor of Science in Nursing

All Qualified Applicants Accepted!

Two undergraduate nursing students, a man and a woman, practice their skills on a plastic dummy.More opportunities for professional nurses exist now than ever, due to the worldwide shortage of Registered Nurses and expanding roles. Nurses work in all types of health care, business and service areas, and at all levels – giving bedside care, running their own practices, and being CEOS of large corporations. Your gateway into nursing is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), giving you eligibility for Registered Nurse (RN) licensure.

No Waiting List, No Separate Application!

Unlike most schools offering the BSN, Kramer accepts all applicants when they are admitted to the university with no separate application. Anyone can declare a major in nursing from the beginning, belong to the Student Nurses Association, participate in nursing school activities, have a nursing faculty advisor, and spend no time on a waiting list! Start nursing courses as soon as you have:

Design your own degree completion plan for your preferred pace and graduation date!

Many nursing courses are offered every fall and spring semesters, and some are offered as summer courses. Choose:

  • Part-time, if you have other full-time duties or prefer a more relaxed pace
  • Full-time, at a standard pace with summers off, with time for extracurricular activities for that full college experience
  • Accelerated, if you are a strong student who wants to finish your nursing courses in just 16 months!

Have an approved bachelor's degree in another field? Click here to learn more about our 2nd Bachelor's degree!

Why KSN?

Not only are our nursing school facilities among the best in the nation, but Kramer enjoys pass rates which consistently exceed state and national averages.  NCLEX-RN pass rates are calculated based on the number of candidates taking the exam for the first time and are published annually by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Please click here to see the report. 

Day and evening clinical practicum experiences are available. Students may begin classes in the fall or spring.


To begin 3000-level nursing courses, you must meet all required eligibility qualifications and must comply fully with the deadline for a complete application (June 15, 2017, for fall 2017 classes and October 15, 2017, for spring 2018 classes). Undergraduate students may engage in general education coursework in the summer if desired, though nursing coursework only starts in fall or spring.  The summer application deadline is April 15.  A complete application includes all of the following:

  1. University application form, completed in its entirety and submitted to the Office of Admissions
  2. Official, current transcripts of all college course work attempted sent directly from the institution where the courses were taken to the Transcript Coordinator at the Office of Admissions at Oklahoma City University. Transcripts delivered by the student in a sealed envelope will not be accepted.
  3. Verification of English language proficiency received by the Intake Specialist at Kramer School of Nursing

For more information, please contact Debbie Taber, Intake Specialist, via email at or by phone at (405) 208-5924. 

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